Michael Farren


Authors: Dustin Smith, Aaron Tomberlin, Michael Farren

Description: From the song, "Royal Blood" off the "All About Worship: My Pursuit" album by Integrity Music.

Lead Sheet, Piano-Vocal, and Chord Chart: Bb

Song Lyrics:

Teach us how to live like sons and daughters
Children of the light no longer slaves
Teach how to move with Your great power
‘Til everywhere we go the darkness shakes

We have never been less than what You promised
We have ever been less than all You say
We have never been less than overcomers
With Your royal blood running through our veins

Show us how to fight for truth and justice
Everywhere we step let love invade
Show us how to see through eyes like fire
With mountain moving kind of faith

Yours is the banner that will keep on waving
Yours is the glory that we pray is known
Yours is the Kingdom we declare is coming
Yours is the name that we are standing on