Dustin Smith


Authors: Dustin Smith, Rhyan Shirley

Description: From the song, "I Can't Contain It" off the "All About Worship: My Pursuit" album by Integrity Music.

Lead Sheet, Piano-Vocal, and Chord Chart: C

Song Lyrics:

There is no sickness
That You have not already healed
There is no fear
That has come before You
And not kneeled

You are the river of life that
Quenches this soul
You are the holy breath that
Strengthens these bones

I can’t contain it
All that You’ve done for me
I can’t contain it
It’s overwhelming

There is no darkness
That You have not already pierced
There is no lion
That’s greater than You or more fierce

You won’t hold back
Your goodness so vast
So deep You come like a wave
Your hope rushes over me


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